Exxaero to use Biozone UV light solution for cabin air disinfection


Dutch charter operator Exxaero is partnering with air technology company Inscentives Europe  to fit ultraviolet plasma technology which continuously disinfect the cabin air to its aircraft fleet.

“The safety of our passenger and crew is always top priority within our organisation”, said Roderick Buijs, CEO of Exxaero. “Since the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been following the most strict guidelines regarding sanitation on board and disinfection of our aircraft. In addition we have kept searching for further possibilities to keep travelling by air as safe and pleasant as possible for our valued passengers.

“By implementing the technology of Inscentives Europe on board of our aircraft, we are able to wipe out bacteria and viruses within a split second without the use of chemical products, further reducing the possible chances of spreading viruses like corona. We are delighted to be the world’s first airline and private jet operator to offer this service to our passengers.”

The technology is based on a combination of ultraviolet (UVC) light, ozone, cold oxygen plasma, and negatively-charged ions. Disinfection is carried out for the passing flow of air and all of the the cabin’s surfaces it touches within a micro-second. The patented technology was originally used by NASA during the Space Shuttle program and has been further developed and marketed worldwide by Biozone Scientific International.

Michel Andeweg, CEO of Inscentives Europe, which distributes the Biozone systems in Europe said, “In these difficult times when people are still anxious to step on board of an aircraft and sit in a closed space, the application of UVC-plasma technology provides an extra reassurance for travellers.

“The Biozone AirCare disinfects the flowing air continuously and wipes out bacteria and viruses even in places and surfaces difficult to reach. This makes this technology very suitable for application in aircraft cabins like Exxaero’s private jets.”

Amsterdam-based Exxaero operates a Hawker Premier 1A, Cessna Sovereign, and the largest fleet of Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft in the Netherlands and earlier this year acquired two Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft. The company also recently expanded its operations to Germany at Airport Weeze / Niederrhein, and expects to have added several other aircraft to its German fleet by the end of the year.

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