Jet Aviation launches de-icing service at Zurich FBO


Business aviation services provider Jet Aviation has launched a new de-Icing service at Zurich Airport.

The Zurich FBO has acquired two new de-Icing trucks and created a dedicated 14-strong team that has completed de-icing training. The service is being launched in partnership with the Allen Groupe.

Jet Aviation recently invested in two new de-icing trucks for its FBO facility in Zurich. In partnership with the Allen Groupe, the company says the FBO in Zurich can now offer deicing services for all airline and general aviation aircraft types.

Joao Martins, general manager of Jet Aviation’s FBO facility in Zurich said, “While the weather in any given week is always unpredictable, winters in Zurich can be harsh. Our de-icing service helps ensure aircraft can safely surmount operational obstacles and fly as scheduled. We are delighted to expand our capabilities with this new service.”

The Zurich FBO has already begun booking customers for the Wold Economic Forum in January 2020 and is also in negotiations for additional hangarage access to deal with the potential increase in traffic.

Jet Aviation Zurich offers FBO handling and fueling services is the only location at the Zurich airport providing Avgas and is located 15 minutes from the heart of Zurich’s financial district.



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