VIPAero opens VIP Terminal at Luanda International Airport in Angola

VIPAero, an executive aviation company offering handling, maintenance and aircraft management services in Luanda, Angola has announced the opening of its new VIP terminal with full customs and immigration services.
“Our team has been waiting for this moment a great while and we are all glad to finally be able to offer full FBO services and show our Passengers and Crew our sense of hospitality,” said Claire Matondo, managing director of VIPAero.
VIPAero FBO offers its passengers dedicated spaces with all comfort and equipment.
Amenities include a VIP lounge with a living room, a bar and two bathrooms, and a VIP room with bathroom and shower. All decorated with artwork from African contemporary artists, carefully selected by MOVART Gallery.
Since its founding in 2011, VIPAero has been the reference company for executive aviation in Angola. The company has extensive experience in operations, aircraft management and maintenance services. Since 2019, it initiated handling and FBO activities at Luanda International Airport.
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