Flanders International Airport implements innovative FBO software


Located less than an hour drive east of the City of Brussels, Flanders International Airport is an alternative to Brussels National Airport and is playing an increasing part in offering business and general aviation operators flexible, cost effective, ground handling and parking options.

Technology is a major factor in the Flanders International Airport (FIA) vision for the future and after extensive research the airport has chosen X1-FBO to meet the needs of the airport’s FBO, becoming the first in to implement this next generation of FBO software.

“X-1FBO is an extension of our operational activities, it’s intuitive to use and stable. FBOs need to focus on every detail of every client, keeping the big picture continually updated. X-1FBO ensures all our staff are always in the information loop,” said FIA general manager, Alexander Kerkhof.

Jim Wiley, CEO and co-founder of X1-FBO said, “ I am delighted to welcome FIAFBO as our first client in Europe. Our technology fits very well with their vision of always striving to offer their clients the ultimate service. X-1FBO will help FIA continue to grow their business based on powerful, intuitive software designed to improve safety, maximize profits and enhance customer focus.“

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