Air BP installs self-service unleaded fuel automat at Kjeller Airport


Air BP has improved access to and distribution of its unleaded UL91 product in Norway by installing a self-serve automat facility at Kjeller Airport, making the airport the first in Scandinavia to offer three Air BP fuel grades: UL91, Avgas 100LL and JetA1.

The company has improved the self-serve facilities at Kjeller to make them easier, safer and more efficient to use. For customers using Air BP’s Sterling Card the automat will recognize each individual Sterling Card, thereby activating delivery of the correct fuel grade and reducing the risk of incorrect fuelling.

The installation of the UL91 automat is the first step toward the development of a network of Air BP UL91 automats across Scandinavia, which will be rolled out in 2016. Once in place, Air BP anticipates that the addition of the third fuel grade, and the convenience afforded by its UL91 Sterling Card, will go some way to addressing the region’s high demand for and interest in using unleaded avgas.

“With the introduction of unleaded avgas at Kjeller, Air BP can meet the customers’ demands for an improved aviation fuel. UL91 is recommended by plane and engine manufacturers for its performance as well as its reputation for maintaining cleaner engines. UL91 is both ethanol- and lead-free, bringing notable benefits. It can result in lower carbon emissions, and lead to better engine performance due to the absence of ethanol.

“We expect our customers, both airports and pilots, will respond enthusiastically to the increased availability of unleaded avgas,” said Thorbjorn Larsson, Air BP general manager, Nordics.

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