Virtual fatigue awareness course for aviation sector


Aviation training services provider Baines Simmons has launched a flexible course to increase awareness of how to identify and manage fatigue.

According to the company, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected those working in air freight, pilots, cabin crew, ground personnel and maintenance technicians in that they have found themselves working longer shifts with shorter rest intervals – the perfect storm for fatigue to become a potential hazard to health.

Baines Simmons, which is part of the Air Partner group, has developed the new three day virtual training course  to help Air Operators to gain increased understanding of Fatigue Risk Management (FRM).

The course supports learners in understanding the topic on a deeper level, allowing them to implement effective methods of data capture, reporting and controls, especially regarding the increased potential for fatigue risk brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key areas of focus for the course include: Developing a fatigue dashboard and suite of fatigue safety performance indicators; assessing current FRM processes using validated tools and identifying improvements; Understanding new developments in fatigue science and how this can be used to inform FRM and evaluating the effectiveness of controls for fatigue.

Ian Holder, managing director of Baines Simmons said, “While we’ve seen fatigue risk quickly emerge as a key challenge across many industries as a result of the pandemic, pressures around fatigue risk and the management of that risk have been especially prevalent throughout the aviation sector.

“It has become clear that there is a need for education around FRM that provides learners with the ability to build a system that is nimble and responds to change.”

“Our  course combines our expertise around FRM with a focus on practical advice that reflects the current realities faced by organisations in 2021 and beyond. Delegates will work through real examples of the challenges operators have overcome, enabling them to identify strategies to build more effective FRM into their organisation, while learning about recent developments in FRM, including scientific advances and regulatory changes.”

Building on Baines Simmons’ successful shift toward implementation of virtual training courses, the new Effective Fatigue Risk Management course can be accessed by learners around the world, and can also be delivered as an exclusive course within a client’s company.

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