Jet Linx launches new time & tenure career pathway


Jet Linx Aviation, a private jet management and Jet Card company has announced the launch of its new time & tenure career pathway.

This new defined professional pathway for pilots in the Jet Linx workforce is aimed at providing more stability and predictability to pilots with defined titles and salary progression based on their total time and time in type, as well as their tenure with the company. The pathway offers formalized salary bands and a clear matriculation from first officer to senior captain across light, midsize, super midsize and heavy jets in the Jet Linx nationwide fleet.

Under the new pathway, Jet Linx pilots are rewarded for their continued service to the company, as well as their cumulative expertise in their aircraft type.

“Jet Linx has always been committed to providing its pilots with the best possible working environment and opportunities for career advancement,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx president & CEO. “With the launch of the Time & Tenure Career Pathway, our Company is taking our commitment to a pro-pilot culture to the next level. This groundbreaking program comes after many conversations and extensive feedback from our flight crews, carefully conducted over the course of many months.

“Through our thoughtful and competitive programs, we have established a pro pilot culture at Jet Linx. Our flight crews typically live near their Bases and fly assigned tails, ensuring a comfortable work/life balance, the familiarity of their aircraft, and support of their local Base and our robust National Operations Center team. They will now benefit from the added stability, predictability, and recognition of the Time & Tenure Pathway for their professional career progression with our Company,” said Walker.

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