Jet Luxe signs an agreement with Empress Jets to take part in the NFT scheme


Jet Luxe has announced its signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Empress Jets.

Jet Luxe will now be offering its clients of the Invictus partnership access to Empress Jets’ NFT based membership program and marketplace as well as cryptocurrency based payment options.

Gabriel Madrid, CEO said, “Jet Luxe prides itself on offering premium services to our clients with fast, efficient, and transparent payment options. Working with Empress Jet and entering the NFT and cryptocurrency arena means that we are understanding the ever evolving times and that Web3 and the metaverse has truly arrived”.

Empress Jet announced its NFT based jet club membership and jet charter marketplace by a series of Web3 and Metaverse experiences at Art Basel in 2021. Jet Luxe’s MOU signing with Empress Jets coincides with the Empress platform and Metaverse being launched in Q1 2022. Memberships are minted as NFTs and members load their account with crypto or cash to pay for future flights.

The Empress Charter Marketplace empowers aircraft owners, operators and brokers to tokenize verified charter flights, similar to the way that artists ‘mint’ their art as NFTs.

The flights may then be offered at auction exclusively to Empress members and members. This offering will work for Jet Luxe’s progressive clients as well as its Invictus partners.

Nicole Garcia, CEO of Empress Jets said, “We are delighted to enter this agreement with Jet Luxe. Both brands are innovative and client focused and always aiming to be leaders in our industry. By working together, we can bring greater value and transparency to private jet charter.”

Private aviation remains in unprecedented demand during the turbulent times of the commercial aviation industry. With the emergence of NFT and cryptocurrency, there is now a new market segment of individuals who are collectors and users but also are interested in private aviation.

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