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Southern Sky Aviation, the sole FBO at Trent Lott International Airport (PQL) of Pascagoula, Mississippi has reopened its runway.

When the company moved onto the field in 2021, the runway was under construction and closed to aircraft over 50 feet.

Since adding approximately 4 inches of surface asphalt to the 6,500-foot-by-150-foot runway, Southern Sky Aviation can now welcome aircraft up to a Gulfstream or any Global, in addition to military aircraft up to a C-130.

The official ratings allow the runway to accommodate any single-wheel aircraft, double-wheel aircraft up to 196,000 pounds and double-wheel dual-axle aircraft up to 315,000 pounds.

While the runway was under construction, Southern Sky Aviation took the opportunity to upgrade its FBO facilities.

This entailed making improvements to the existing 4,300-square-foot terminal building, including new branding, furniture, paint and lighting throughout the lobby, pilot’s lounge and restrooms. By adding the Sky Café, Southern Sky Aviation now offers guests a wide selection of breakfast and lunch options.

To streamline fueling services, the FBO acquired a fleet of refuelers, including a 5,000-gallon jet fuel truck, a 3,000-gallon jet fuel truck, a new avgas truck and a self-serve avgas station. Southern Sky Aviation will also install a new 20,000-gallon jet fuel tank in mid-March.

With its operations at the ready and its upgrades complete, a grand reopening is scheduled for April 13.

“Southern Sky Aviation is excited the runway at PQL has reopened,” said Darryl Brewer, Southern Sky Aviation’s president of its FBO division. “We look forward to sharing our freshly updated FBO with the aviation community and our team is ready to provide high quality services to all customers. We appreciate the efforts of Jackson County, the City of Moss Point and the airport authority in making this enhancement a reality.”

Southern Sky Aviation is an Avfuel-branded FBO, offering Avfuel Contract Fuel, AVTRIP rewards, streamlined transactions with the Avfuel Pro Card and comprehensively-trained staff with the Avfuel Training System.

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