Modern Aviation completes development project at Boeing Field-King County International Airport


Modern Aviation has completed its US$25 million, two-phase development project and FBO renovation at Boeing Field/King County International Airport in Seattle, Washington.

Phase one involved building a 40,000 square foot hangar and phase two included a 24,500 square foot hangar with a 7,500 square foot office building. In 2021, Modern Aviation started a full renovation project of its FBO terminal, which was recently completed.

“We started the phase one hangar in March 2019 and completed it in December 2020. The phase two hangar and office space were completed in October 2021. Our FBO renovation started in September 2021 and was completed in April 2022,” said Eric Schneider, general manager of Modern Aviation, BFI.

Modern Aviation Seattle has 4 buildings that total approximately 115,000 square feet of hangar space, 16,500 square feet of office and 5,000 square feet of terminal space.

“We have the largest ramp on the airport, which allows us to service all types of aircraft from the smallest general aviation aircraft up to the largest Boeing and Airbus sized jets. Our equipment is designed to support almost every service requested by our customers. These include fueling, ground electrical power, baggage handling, potable water services, lavatory service, oxygen services, towing and other related services.

“These new and renovated facilities are a true reflection of the Modern Aviation name as we serve the current and future needs of the aviation community.”

Both phases one and two of the project were delayed by approximately five months due to Covid-related quarantine restrictions. “The FBO renovation was impacted with supply issues and product availability. With the help of our project management team, design group and general contractor, we were still able to source products that are cradle to cradle certified, incorporate recycled materials and are low VOC,” explained Schneider.

“One of the biggest challenges of the project was building the 40,000 square foot hangar with a 200 ft door opening while staying underneath the FAA height restriction zone,” said Schneider. This was solved by utilizing a specially engineered beam that spans the entire 200ft width of the hangar and weighs 1,500 lbs per foot.

“The hangars were designed to support multiple aircraft types including the newest models, which have special power requirements. They also have amenities such as a laundry center, ice machine, dishwasher, kitchenette, restroom and shower. Typically, these amenities are not found in most hangars,” he said.

In addition to the newly constructed hangars, Schneider said the Modern Aviation’s FBO terminal now provides expanded meeting space, the latest web conferencing capabilities, a new pilot’s lounge, and other amenities.

“Something unique in the FBO is our wall displaying squadron patches from the many branches of the military that have visited us. This is to recognize the brave men and woman who serve our Country,” Schneider added.

New security and access technologies have been incorporated into the completed project. Sustainability features were integrated into all facilities with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) features. Examples include use of special materials to greatly reduce heat island effects on hangar roofs, LED lighting, extensive water-saving measures, use of compostable materials and recycling, and drought resistant landscape elements.

“We are excited to support all segments of aviation at Boeing Field/King County International Airport. Our recent development of new hangar and office space and our newly renovated FBO allow us to continue supporting the growth in aviation within the region,” said Modern Aviation president and CEO, Mark Carmen.

“Modern Aviation understands the importance of the aviation industry and the value it brings to our community. We service student pilots, corporations, medical flights, professional and college sports teams, U.S. military, cargo and private aircraft. Modern Aviation is prepared to support growth in all aviation segments,” said Schneider.

“The renovated FBO is a true reflection of the Modern Aviation brand,” he said.

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