Piaggio Aerospace and Riviera Airport to create aviation center in the Mediterranean


Western Italy’s Riviera Airport and Piaggio Aerospace have unveiled plans to create a strategic and exclusive center of general and business aviation in the Northern Mediterranean.

The project will create a new runway, the offer of new infrastructures, and exclusive services at competitive prices. The airport is adjacent to the Piaggio Aerospace plant, where all Piaggio Aerospace products are designed, developed and manufactured.

Renato Vaghi, CEO of Piaggio Aerospace, said, “Riviera Airport is one of the initiatives aimed at creating value for this area of the Italian Riviera, which adds to the creation of the center of excellence where Piaggio Aerospace operates.

“The attraction of new elite customers will favour local businesses and tourism, as well as the connection with Mediterranean strategic regions. We are delighted to provide the project with the visibility it deserves and we are ready to assess future potential partnerships with Riviera Airport.”

Clemens Toussaint, chairman of Aeropolis, commented, “My ambitious idea is to develop the extraordinary potential of the runway in Albenga as a modern base for jet owners and operators in the region. Our guests should enjoy the freedom and the liberty of private aviation.

“Riviera Airport offers our clients the privilege of flying depending entirely on their own schedule, and it represents a competitive alternative in the existing mature market. Riviera Airport could be also a strategic option for the Principality of Monaco, which has no runway on its own. A binational airport, managed jointly by the Italian State and by the Principality of Monaco, would be a unique experience for both countries and would create extraordinary business opportunities in the entire area.”

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