VistaJet abolishes global positioning fees


VistaJet has abolished hourly ferry flight fees for its new Program customers around the globe.

Positioning fees can cost customers an additional five-figures on each flight, and many charter companies make customers pay for the cost of returning the empty plane to its home airport or service area after a flight is completed.

The revolutionary new offering has been made possible by the US$2.5bn investment the company has made to grow its fleet to a global scale. The company’s business model, built on removing the notion of a home base for its aircraft, means customers only pay for the time they are in the air. When a VistaJet Program customer books a flight, VistaJet will simply move the nearest plane to pick them up.

Thomas Flohr, chairman and founder of VistaJet, said, “When you call a taxi, you don’t worry about paying for its journey to you. Today’s entrepreneur or business executive will be flying to America one week, Asia or South America the next, and Europe in between, so it’s become critical to offer them a truly global service.

“The sustained investment we’ve made for the past 13 years has been calculated to ensure we can offer our customers something completely ground-breaking: one way pricing around the globe.

“At VistaJet, we challenge ourselves every day to offer the best experience in the industry. So along with knowing that our customers will only pay for the time they are in the air, when they fly with us they know that they will receive the very best service, with everything tailored to their specific needs.”

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