Aircraft management and charter operator Skyside launches in Vienna


A new aircraft management and charter operator/broker has launched in Vienna this month.

Skyside is open for business offering aircraft management, charter options, CAMO services and aircraft delivery as part of an integrated asset management strategy.

Thorsten Kinzl, Manager of Skyside said, “We decided on Vienna as the place of business for our AOC. Austrian aviation standards deliver the highest levels of safety, reliability, and expansion options. Being in the center of Europe, means we can serve customers from all over the continent and the Middle East.”

Skyside is a part of an European group of an companies that has a network of offices and customer representatives all around the world. The foundation of Skyside completes the asset management portfolio by integrating aviation in a one stop, boutique approach for clients.

Kinzl said,  “Our clients are fully integrated into our network of asset management options, from aircraft to yachts. The team at Skyside ensure that all clients assets are managed professionally, efficiently, and conveniently at all times.”

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