365 Aviation partners with ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions


Private jet charter business 365 Aviation has partnered with ClimateCare to offer its clients the option to offset the carbon emissions associated with private jet travel.

Emissions produced by 365 Aviation clients’ flights, can be offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Kenya and Ghana.

Chris Tofts, CEO of 365 Aviation said, “In our line of business, a carbon footprint is unavoidable. However, we don’t see this as an excuse to turn a blind eye to the climate issues we are facing in the world today. This is why we have decided to partner with ClimateCare to offer this option to our clients to offset their carbon emissions. It has over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offset programs in the world. Working with them has allowed us to take full responsibility for our carbon footprint and take action to tackle climate change. There have been exciting advances in the world of electric aircraft which is why we see this as a temporary solution with the aim for a complete switch to alternative fuels and electric aircraft when the technology allows.”

ClimateCare’s head of partnerships said, “We work with forward-thinking organizations to turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Our trademark Climate+Care approach helps organizations take a smart approach to address their environmental impacts by offsetting carbon emissions through projects.”

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