Bohlke launches carbon offset program for Earth Day


Bohlke International Aviation is celebrating Earth Day by launching a voluntary carbon offset program for its private air charter customers.

To kick-off the program, the company will be offsetting 100% of its air charter fuel used in the
week leading up to Earth Day (Saturday, April 22).

Starting April 23, 2023, Bohlke’s charter customers may voluntarily purchase carbon credits to offset their flights. Bohlke will then split the carbon offset investment 50/50 with the customer to further demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

“We are so lucky to live in paradise and we’d like to do what we can to protect our resources for future generations,” said William Bohlke, president of Bohlke International Aviation. “I want my kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy breathing clean air and snorkeling in clean water where they can see healthy coral reefs. This program is a small step in what is a much needed global effort toward protecting our environment.”

Carbon offsetting is one way to reduce the carbon footprint of private aviation. To offset carbon, a small per gallon fee is applied to the purchase of jet fuel. The fee is then used to purchase carbon credits that invest in green projects in areas of greatest need around the world.

In 2022, Bohlke purchased carbon credits for four flights that took place on Earth Day. Those credits offset 10 metric tons of CO2 emissions and were invested in ceramic water purifier programs in Cambodia.

Bohlke will work with its branded fuel supplier, Avfuel Corporation, to purchase carbon credits that fund forestry, wind power, solar power, surf and biomass projects. One carbon credit offsets approximately 100 gallons of jet fuel. Avfuel’s carbon credit calculator is based on an industry standardized formula, measured in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064 Standard, and utilizing carbon dioxide emission coefficients as assigned by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

“Bohlke is the first Caribbean-based air charter service provider to offer carbon offsetting,” said Muneeb Ahmed, director of trading and logistics at Avfuel. “That in and of itself is impressive; to then share 50% of the financial responsibility with its customers is a true testament to Bohlke’s commitment to green operations. We are honored to support this program, which is a huge stride in helping customers meet their sustainability goals.”

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