TailHail launches free private jet membership


Aviation technology company TailHail has launched a free membership offer to support those looking for a safe and secure flight option this summer. 

TailHail is offering for free the first 1000 of its “Takeoff” memberships each worth £495 a year. 

TailHail founded by 27-year old aviation entrepreneur James Moon, provides a membership-based private aviation platform that reduces the upfront cost to fly privately. TailHail enables individuals, families and businesses to book private flights, manage their charter accounts and participate in sustainable flight-sharing opportunities. 

TailHail’s mission is to democratize private aviation and to allow for affordable access to private aircraft through a dedicated website platform that utilizes industry unique technology, bringing flying privately to the masses worldwide. 

For each member that signs up as part of this unique offer, they will receive access to TailHail’s innovative flight platform, extensive member-only benefits and a private flight advisor. 

Moon said, “This is a truly great way to show our support in what has been a tough 12 months for everyone. This offer is open to anyone and we hope that it will help those looking for a safe and secure direct flight option when borders reopen again. 

“We have clients worldwide that have never flown privately before and that want to fly more securely as a result of Covid-19. People are afraid of the crowds at airports – they will put their health first when making travel decisions.”

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