Honeywell launches flight planning app


Honeywell has released flight planning application GoDirect Flight Bag Pro, targeted at business aviation pilots of connected aircrafts.

The app allows pilots to create and file flight plans for easy reference, to calculate and compare aircraft cruise modes to increase performance, and access real-time weather updates to ensure the aircraft arrives at the destination on time.

GoDirect Flight Bag Pro is available via an iPad app, and versions for other tablets are in development. For access to the app, pilots need an annual subscription to GoDirect flight services and an active Honeywell account.

Kiah Erlich, director, flight services, Honeywell Aerospace, and a pilot herself, said, “This pilot-designed and pilot-approved technology simplifies flight planning and provides access to important flight information anytime. With real-time information made possible by inflight connectivity, pilots using GoDirect Flight Bag Pro on a connected aircraft can stay informed of the best routes and weather conditions to get to their destinations safely and on time.”

Benefits of the app include the ability to type in or paste a route from a website, email or text message into the app, and view frequently cleared and optimized routes for best aircraft performance; calculate multiple cruise modes and determine the most efficient flight by comparing speed, flight level, time, fuel, cost of the trip and more; package all of the trip documents into a Trip Kit to view during flight; access the latest weather information for the destination such as icing, winds and temperature; and pilots can receive real-time updates to flight schedules when information is released from air traffic control with a pre-departure clearance, when filing status changes, or when weather conditions change.


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