Traffic growth continues for SEA Prime


SEA Prime has seen continued growth in the number of flights operated in the first half of 2022.

The post-pandemic growth trend is consolidating structural change in one segment of the aviation industry, the business aviation, that ensures travel in a complex environment such as the one we have been
experiencing since the outbreak of the pandemic. Flexibility of connections, safety, travel time’s minimization, and increasingly green and high-performance aircraft are the key factors behind the
success of the industry.

The business aviation sector in Europe has continued the upward trend in the number of flights as compared to the pre-pandemic period (+17% compared to the first half of 2019 and +33% compared
to 2021). Within this context, the business aviation in Italy, which is the third largest market by volume in the Eurozone, has recorded higher growth rates than the European average during the period
(+28% over the first half of 2019 and +47% over 2021).

SEA Prime has experienced 15.5 thousand movements in the six-month period, up +26% over 2019 and +52% over 2021. The growth was driven by international and intercontinental traffic (+64% over 2021), which overall has accounted for 68% of the traffic handled. The resumption of in presence events in Milan, such as the Milano Design Week held in June, and the full reopening to international tourism have been the
main drivers of traffic increase.

The focus on sustainable development is also confirmed, through concrete actions both on infrastructure, with the sustainability certification for the new hangars, the development of sustainable aviation fuel offer and the use of electric ramp vehicles, actively contributing to the SEA Group’s “Net Zero Emissions 2030” goal.

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