Verijet expands service to Northeast US summer hotspots


Verijet, a private jet company and AI-powered air taxi service has expanded into the Northeast  region of the United States.

Airports included in service include Nantucket, Montauk, Newport, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets will now serve the northeast region on demand. The Northeast service region is defined by a radius of 600 nm centered on West Chester County Airport (KHPN) just outside White Plains, New York.

Verijet operates a “floating fleet” of jets that now cover most of the East Coast and West Coast of the US.  Also now flying to selected Caribbean locations.

Richard Kane, founder and CEO of Verijet said, “As a native New Yorker, White Plains was my home airport.  I love seeing our beautiful city and countryside’s fall foliage and winter snow blanket from the air.  One of the many perks of traveling in our aircraft is the unusually spacious cabin with unique large windows that allow you to enjoy panoramic views.”

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