Air Charter Service opens new Gatwick office


The world’s largest aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has announced that it has opened a new office in Gatwick as it looks to drive forward the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Air Charter Service’s CEO, Justin Bowman, said of the opening: “There are two main parts to our business. The first is finding and building relationships with clients and the second is employing talented aviation professionals to provide them with a high-end service ensuring those customers get the best possible solution. We feel that this new office in Gatwick will help us in both of these areas.

“We have been based in the borough of Kingston, southwest of London, since we were founded in 1990, which has served us well. With easy access to the City along with the aviation hubs of Farnborough and Heathrow nearby, our head office is well located to visit our customers and suppliers and, in terms of recruitment, we have been limited only by the number of people we can train at one time.

“Our training programme has brought through hundreds of talented professionals over the last 30 years and that will continue to be our main strategy, as that is at the core of our success. Along with this, we have also seen great success in bringing in experienced professionals in recent years. We have an entrepreneurial culture here and have a track record of backing new ideas and empowering those willing to bring a proposal forward, whether that is a new product, or even a new office. Whilst we do try to instil some of our values into everyone at ACS, such as putting the customer first, we have always been conscious that the ‘ACS way’ isn’t the only way.

“When planning for our next five years of growth, we have realised that we would be making life more difficult for ourselves if we were to limit ourselves to the pool of aviation talent to the west of London and simply recruiting and training new brokers. Along with many clients, and our airline suppliers, there is a huge number of aviation professionals around the Gatwick area, so we have decided rather than them coming to us, we will go to them.”

Heading up the new office as CEO will be Alex Sadler who has been with ACS for nearly a decade. He said, “I can’t wait to get started building a new team here at Gatwick. I will miss being based at the ACS HQ with our fantastic team there, but we will still be part of the ACS family and this office opens up a new world of possibilities to expand it even further.”

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