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Vista Global Holding has streamlined its global subscription offerings across its VistaJet and XO brands.

As Vista registered a 43% year-on-year growth of its member base during first half of 2022, responding to the evolving client needs remains a focused priority across the Group.

Over the last six months, Vista has seen a pivot in the demographic of clients, with younger members joining and a faster turnaround in contract sign-ups as clients look for an effective, global Membership solution to fly immediately. Evolving its portfolio of membership options ensures every private aviation client can find a simple, flexible and secure solution for their flying needs.

The new Memberships are VistaJet VJ25, VistaJet’s new agile membership for high-quality, low-frequency travel and the XO Membership, XO’s new streamlined and innovative all-access deposit membership.

“The evolution and simplification of our offering reaffirms Vista’s commitment to offering a full suite of flexible solutions for all Members across VistaJet and XO. We have listened to our clients to understand their rapidly changing needs and we have optimized our Membership structure accordingly,” said Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman, Vista.

“The VJ25 membership is ideal for anyone looking for the iconic VistaJet service with minimum commitment, while the streamlined XO Membership delivers the most advanced digital service with instantly bookable flights. We believe that these new flexible products will allow even more Members to enjoy our services on the renowned Vista Members’ fleet of over 350 aircraft — to provide the most innovative and advanced flying solutions at the very best value to every client around the world.”

VistaJet’s VJ25 membership is a new agile three-year private flight subscription designed for the more flexible flier traveling 25 to 49 hours per year.

XO is simplifying its Deposit Membership structure by replacing its tiered solutions with a new, single-level XO Membership. This will provide valued Members and clients with an even more streamlined way of organizing their travel. The XO Membership is the only private aviation solution to book private flights and seats instantly.

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