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Customer relationship management (CRM) has become de rigueur. Efficient companies have always known that revenue growth comes from effective communication efforts with both target markets and well-designed sales channels.

In the last 15 years, Mosaix Software has begun to pay more attention to the results of its sales efforts. This is primarily due to the explosion of software tools like Mosaix’s Avman, which helps to not only improve our communication with customers, but to measure the results of this improved communication.

A new approach

Effective CRM is essential to the bottom line of an FBO, despite it being more challenging to execute when managing a hectic aircraft ramp. A sufficient CRM plan integrates seamlessly into daily processes, helping manage customers, leads and quotes.

The moment a conversation begins with a new contact or customer, an FBOs’ CRM plan and tools need to allow it to indicate the lead type and lead source. For determining lead types, ask what part of the business this customer will affect. What will they buy? Examples could be Jet A sales, 100LL sales, hangar rental, office rental, charter and so on.

Marking the lead source is arguably the most important piece of initial information because this will allow FBOs to measure the success of marketing efforts. NBAA’s main show, the schedulers and dispatchers conference, cold calls and online advertising campaigns are all popular methods.

Understanding the lead type will enable FBOs to organize who should be addressing the conversation and the approach they will take. Knowing the lead source will allow FBOs to look back on the various marketing efforts to make decisions in the future about where they should invest its resources.

As the conversation continues, a CRM plan should include recording the conversation and tracking the progress of the lead. It is great for managers to be able to look back on a whole conversation like a timeline to know exactly what is going on, even if it’s just simply to remember what happened last time they spoke with the customer.

With systems like Avman, FBOs will have the capability to assign the lead to other users in the system as the lead grows. For example, if you are a manager and want to pass off a lead received through email to one of your customer service representatives, the FBO could simply assign it to them and they will see all of the information needed to follow up properly.

Alerting salespeople or managers through the software or email will allow for prompt response and a complete understanding of the conversation thus far thanks to the timeline kept of the conversation. Ultimately, leads will need to be attached to quotes and then orders so the success of various sales efforts can be tracked.

Preparing a CRM strategy will help FBOs increase fuel sales and generate new business opportunities.

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