Jet Aviation opens FBO at Palm Beach


 Jet Aviation’s new hangar and FBO complex at Palm Beach International Airport has gone operational.

The facility extension features a 11,270 square foot FBO terminal, a 42,000 square foot hangar and a 65,000 square foot ramp. 

Designed to accommodate the newer generation, large-body aircraft currently entering the market, the company’s new 42,000 square foot hangar has a hangar door clearance of 30 feet, a dedicated ramp area of 64,188 square foot and approximately 10,000 square foot of dedicated office and storage space. 

The new West Palm Beach FBO facility is situated alongside a new Gulfstream maintenance facility with which it shares over 9,000 square foot of the passenger terminal on the first floor. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and minimizing its environmental footprint, the facility features low flow water fixtures, a white roof and heat-reducing tarmac as well as local drought resistant plants. The complex further features 200,000 square foot of shared tarmac space. 

“These facilities are designed and equipped to meet the business-aviation needs of our global customer base,” said David Best, senior vice president regional operations, America. “The additional space and hangarage can accommodate both larger aircraft and increasing demand. We continue to grow our facilities to match our customer needs and are pleased to have strong interest in the new hangar.” 

Jet Aviation president, David Paddock, said, “This investment is the 5th new hangar we’ve opened in recent years and underscores our commitment to exceeding customer expectations by further strengthening our global facility network. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parent company, General Dynamics, for their ongoing support of our business, particularly during these uncertain times.” 

Meanwhile construction of a new FBO and hangar terminal in Scottsdale, Arizona, by Jet Aviation is ongoing and slated for completion in early 2021. The company is also  working to replace its storm-damaged hangar at its Houston, Texas FBO. 

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