AEG Fuels launches global platform for SAF


AEG Fuels has launched the AEG Fuels’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel Platform, providing airlines, business jets, and other aircraft operators a single-source solution to access SAF on-demand across the world.

SAF solutions at over 20 destinations are now available to AEG Fuels’ customers for quoting, ordering, and SAF education.

The AEG Fuels’ SAF Platform is a solution that provides any operator a channel to easily and rapidly begin integrating SAF into their regular fuel programs and expedite their efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The platform can be accessed with the click of a button through both AEG’s mobile and web applications or via direct requests to AEG’s 24/7 fuel dispatch and international trip planning teams.

As part of the SAF Platform, AEG Fuels’ is now extending a global book and claim program to customers to match real SAF demand with the most efficiently available supply.

Alongside the ability to search by airport for physical SAF supply, customers may elect to purchase SAF from AEG as a replacement product for conventional jet fuel and match that supply with a local end-user while still receiving the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benefits.

“The interest within our industry about SAF continues to grow, it’s the future. AEG will now give operators access to our SAF network utilizing the same fuel platform they already use. Our goal is to enhance access to SAF as well as educate our customers on the product to help convert interest to demand,” said Marc Ramthun, director of sales – Business Aviation. “With the network of airport partners and ordering channels we offer customers, our goal is to streamline access to SAF and make sustainability the simple choice.”

“One of the key roles AEG will play in supporting aviation’s net-zero goal is leveraging our global footprint, agility, and technology capabilities to serve as the bridge for gaps in SAF supply, demand, location, and price,” said Stephen J. Leonard, vice president of Global Supply for AEG Fuels. “We’re inviting customers to login now and we’re excited to join each on their individual journeys to environmental integrity.”

The aviation industry is working every day to reduce the totality of emissions from greenhouse gas emitting fuels. The release of the AEG SAF Platform, alongside the Carbon Offset Program debuted by AEG in 2021, brings three distinct greenhouse gas reduction schemes – physical SAF purchases, book & claim participation, and carbon offset credits – into a single holistic offering for aviation. AEG is committed to supporting customers in their efforts to do the same by offering sustainability solutions.

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