OEMs fly to BACE on SAF as Avfuel bolsters availability


Avfuel helped sustainability take flight with enhanced supply to OEMs and FBOs alike ahead of NBAA BACE.

The independent supplier of aviation fuel and services helped two of aviation’s major OEMs, Textron Aviation and Embraer, fly on Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Las Vegas for North America’s largest business aviation convention.

This comes as Avfuel adds a 14th location for consistent SAF supply — Atlantic Aviation (KSCK) in Stockton, California.

“As a fuel supplier, we take our responsibility to further sustainable initiatives incredibly seriously,” said C.R. Sincock, II, Avfuel’s executive vice president. “Sustainable aviation fuel is a today solution. We are thankful for partners like Textron Aviation, Embraer and Atlantic Aviation—along with all our SAF-adopting FBO and corporate flight department customers—for embracing the single-most effective solution for aviation emissions reductions. We will continue to look for opportunities to make the fuel more accessible for greater use across business aviation, helping our industry achieve its goal to attain net-zero emissions by 2050.”

While Textron Aviation and Embraer take regularly-scheduled loads of the fuel for its operations, Avfuel worked with the OEMs and Neste to ensure they had ample supply to cut emissions on BACE operations.

This included timing Embraer’s delivery to come ahead of BACE earlier this month and an extra truckload delivery to Textron Aviation beyond its usual supply.

With one of the highest average blend ratios available in business aviation to date (30/70 SAF to petroleum-based jet fuel), each truckload of Avfuel’s SAF reduces carbon emissions by 19 metric tons across its lifecycle—the equivalent of the amount of carbon emissions created by consuming 44 barrels of oil.

Now commercially available, SAF is the most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel. Neste MY SAF can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil jet fuel if used in its neat, concentrated form.

Neste MY SAF is made from 100% sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue raw materials—such as used cooking oil.

It is a fully approved drop-in fuel that, once blended with petroleum jet fuel, meets ASTM D-1655 specification for conventional jet fuel and performance standards under all operating conditions.

This makes Neste MY SAF an optimum solution to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air travel, requiring no new investments, modifications or changes to aircraft, fuel distribution procedures or airport fuel storage tanks.

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