X-1FBO announce latest capability enhancements to its X-1SinglePoint fuel system


The latest version of X-1 Cloud Connect, v2.9, has emerged as a game-changer for fuel truck operations.

With its cutting-edge cloud technology, embodied in the X-1 Cloud Connect Modem (X-1CC), this innovation takes fuel automation to a whole new level. Gone are the days of one-way communication; Cloud Connect v2.9 is an IoT powerhouse that not only collects data from the fuel truck’s register but also sends crucial information back into it.

X-1 Cloud Connect moves the truck’s fuel register’s information to X-1FBO and Single-Point’s fuel management module.

All the fueler has to do is hit three buttons: Accept, Start and Stop. X-1 Cloud Connect also allows remote control of the TCS meters, allows operators to manage and create on-the-spot digital fuel tickets and includes a built in GPS mechanism to track your truck locations.

These capability enhancements will be a huge benefit for FBOs currently using the X-1FBO software platform but for FBOs not already employing the system, this presents them with yet another reason to adopt X-1FBO.

X-1FBO CEO and co-founder Jim Wiley said, “From the drawing board to the ramp, we envisioned the X-1 Cloud Connect as the nexus of technology, data, and fuelling efficiency. Today, seeing it connect devices, trucks, and the cloud with such precision, I’m proud to say we’re not just improving fuelling operations; we’re transforming how FBOs operate for the future.”

“Republic Jet Center absolutely loves the new X-1 Cloud Connect. They are faster and connect a lot easier now.  I would love to switch the rest of the fleet over to these,” said Bobby Schmidgall, operation manager.

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