Aviation consulting firm ZenithJet introduces sustainability services


ZenithJet, a leading aviation consulting firm, has introduced its new comprehensive ‘Sustainability Services’, which provide clients with a starting point on their journey towards carbon neutrality.

Specific services include greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting helping clients understand their climate impact by measuring GHG emissions according to international standards – the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. Precisely quantify direct and indirect emissions across the entire supply chain and all departments.

Services also include aviation emissions measurement to calculate the total scope of emissions from specific aircraft models and types and GHG inventory reporting to communicate sustainability performance with transparency by identifying GHG reduction opportunities.

“We know that business aircraft owners, operators and individual passengers want to reduce their GHG emissions,” said Nick Houseman, president, ZenithJet. “But, acting on these good intentions can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. This is what drove us to add sustainability to our suite of aviation consulting services.

“It all starts with data. Before an individual or organization can meaningfully reduce their carbon footprint, they need to measure their emissions. Everybody wants to do the right thing but traditionally, it has not been easy. We hope to change the status quo by offering simple, effective and robust services that facilitate change and advance carbon neutrality objectives.”

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