Why Treasure Coast International can be problematic for pilots


Treasure Coast International (KFPR) is a primarily general and corporate aviation airport, located between the cities of Vero Beach to the north and Fort Pierce to the south.

It is a popular exit and entry point for general aviation aircraft visiting the Bahamas.

VFR flight following in the airspace surrounding Treasure Coast International is provided by Palm Beach approach, and is highly recommended.

The runway layout includes one set of parallel runways labelled 10-28, left and right, and one non-intersecting runway, 14-32. Parallel runways with staggered thresholds are a wrong surface landing risk at any airport, and Treasure Coast is no different.

In this video the FAA suggests strategies to avoid any issues.

This ongoing series is full of useful videos and safety information covering everything from knowing when and where to hold short to exploring wrong surface landings at airports with parallel runways with staggered thresholds.
Watch the full series here.
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